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  • This site is NOT associated with any Immigrant Services Training or Upgrading.
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What Is is a bilingual tool that will help you work or become certified in the trades in Canada. It is free of charge and available in English and French.

TradesInfo Includes

CertificateComplete Red Seal Skill Information

Through the Canadian Red Seal program, certified journeypersons and apprentices who have completed their training are able to obtain Red Seal Certificates of Qualification and Apprenticeship by successfully completing an Interprovincial Standards Examination. A complete list of the 49 Red Seal trades is available at, click on TradesInfo and you will access the following for each of the trades:

  • A general description of each trade including a video presentation and trade articles
  • A detailed analysis and weighting of the specific skills, tasks and sub task of each of the trades
  • A glossary of the Terminology and Tools for each trade
  • Wage rates of each trade analyzed by Province and Region
  • Description of the most important Essential Skills of each trade. Essential Skills are the basic skills that provide the foundation for learning all other skills and enable people to evolve with their jobs and adapt to workplace change. They include reading text, document use, numeracy, writing, oral communication, working with others, continuous learning, thinking skills, and computer use.
  • Links to Institutions throughout Canada that provide trades training
  • Links to Apprenticeship authorities throughout Canada
  • Links to jobs by location

GearSkills Builder - Measure Your Trade Skills

Measure your competency with the Red Seals national standards and build a trades' portfolio of prior learning including:

  • Percentage of the current level of completion
  • Skills that need to be learned or upgraded in order to achieve trades certification

User1 earthCareer Web Profile that includes a Professional Resume

Quickly create your personal web site to showcase your skills. Send your profile and/or resume to employers all around the world. Just use the Skill Builder to measure your skills, the Resume builder to create your résumé, and then use to send a link to your profile page.
What is a Career Profile?

Document certificateInformation Resources

Use the following features to create a professional trades focused resume that is targeted to employers and relevant to the trade you wish to get employment in:

  • Interview Tips
  • Job Search Tips
  • Resume and Cover Letter writing
  • Links to training institutions and financial assistance for training
  • Links to Apprenticeship authorities throughout Canada
  • Information about working in the Trades
  • Workplace Safety
  • Labour Standards
  • Starting a business
  • Woman in trades

GearTool to Measure Your Trade Skills

Measure your competency with the Red Seals national standards and build a trades' portfolio of prior learning including:

  • Percentage of the current level of completion
  • Skills that need to be learned or upgraded in order to achieve trades certification

GearTool to Measure Your Essential Skills

Essential Skills are those basic skills that we all need in order to be successful and efficient in our life. These are the skills that provide us with the foundation for learning the skills we need to do our jobs and to adapt to our workplace and to the changes in our lives and work.

In order to help us learn more about the skills needed in various occupations, the Government has development Essential Skills Profiles. These profiles help users to measure their essential skills in terms of real job experience.

GearTrade Resume and Cover Letter Template

The Resume and Cover Letter Builder is a template for a standard Trades Resume and Cover Letter. As you enter your personal information into TradesInfo your Resume and Cover Letter will be prefilled. You can then edit your Resume and Cover letter to your satisfaction.

The Resume will contain the skills you identified in Measure Your Skills, the Essential Skills you identified in Measure Your Essential Skills, your education, training and certification, your work experience and your career goals.


GearCareer Action Plan

Your Career Action Plan provides you with the opportunity to set career goals and research the interventions that will enable you to achieve those goals.

GearCareer Action Plan Research Notes

You can retain the information and links that you accessed in order to work towards achieving your Action Plan goals.

Who does it help?

  • Youth in school, who are making decisions about their future and want more information about the trades in Canada.
  • Workers, who haven't decided on a career and want to explore trades as an option.
  • Workers who have some trade skills and are considering pursuing their Canadian certification
  • Newcomers to Canada who have a trades background and need to know how their skills fit into Canadian trades standards.
  • Workers who are considering a move to Canada and require information about the Trades standards in Canada.

History of

Twenty Four Seven Training Centre began the development of a trades focused website in 2004 in order to profile the transferable skills of Forestry workers as part of a program designed to assist them to move to suitable employment in other industries utilizing their previously learned skills. The website was so successful that we have extended its application and it has now evolved into

About Twenty Four Seven Training Centre is owned by the UFCW Local 247 Training and Education Centre Society which offers a combination of community and membership training opportunities. We are the largest Union training centre in Canada and have been providing workshops and training activities to our union members and their families since 1989. Our membership programs are located in New Westminster and Kelowna.

We offer community and web based employment services to the unemployed and the underemployed in the trades and hospitality industries. We offer specialized services to women, newcomers, youth, aboriginal people, and older workers. Our community based services are located in New Westminster, Prince George, Kelowna and Fort Saint John.