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What is a Career Profile?

A Career Profile is a personal web site. It contains all of the information that has been provided to Trades Info by a user as well as the information that has been accessed while using TradesInfo.

This profile, or selected components of it, contains skills, training and employment information. This information can assist in the recruitment process for employment, training or apprenticeship.

A Career Profile includes:

Personal Information - Address, Phone, Email Address, Driver's License classification

Preferences - Willingness to travel or relocate for work; Preferred language (English or French).

Training and Certification - Description of Education level, certification, training, workshops, etc.

Work Experience - Paid and unpaid employment experience including company name, location, dates of employment, description of duties, contact person and contact information

My Trade Skills - Each trade for which the user has skills is divided into skill blocks, these skill blocks are divided into tasks, each task is divided into sub tasks, and each sub task is divided into supporting items. The report indicates the user's compentency level for each trade block and task.

My Trade Skill Gaps - The block and tasks for which the user requires further training or experience in order to achieve competency.

Essential Skills - Each trade has 3 or 4 essential (or basic) skills that are not specifically trades skills but are essential to the success of the user in performance of the trade.

Career Action Plan - The user has developed a detailed plan of the activities that are required to achieve their career goal.

Supporting Action Plan References - A record of links to useful sites that will help the user develop their Action Plan.

Resume and Cover Letter - Trades Info provides the user with a templated, trades oriented resume and cover letter that is editable by the user.

Any or all of the components of the Career Profile can be sent by email as required or requested.