British Columbia - Vancouver & Lower Mainland Southwest
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WrenchIndustrial Mechanic (Millwright) Tools

Hand Tools

adjustable wrenches alignment bars Allen keys
brushes (wire, cleaning, etc.) calculators clamps
chisels drill bits files
grease gun hacksaw hammer
hammer, ball peen hammer, claw hammer, deadblow
hammer, soft faced hammer, rubber hammer, chipping
honing stone levels (carpenter, machinist, torpedo, etc.) locking pliers
locks nibblers oil can
parallel bars piano wire pipe and tube cutters
pipe wrenches pliers plumb bob
pop riveter pry bars pullers
punches reamers scraper
screwdrivers scribers socket wrenches
tap and dies tap extractors thread chasers
threading accessories tin snip torque wrench
trammel heads trowels tube benders
wheel dresser wrenches

Access, Rigging, Hoisting and Lifting Equipment

aerial lifts air jack air tuggers
block and tackle cable hoists caterpillar tracks (skates)
chainfalls chains come-along
dolly fork lift gantry
gantry crane grip hoist hydraulic blocks
hydraulic jack jack ladders
mobile crane overhead crane pinch bar
power chain blocks scaffolds scissor lift
screw jack shackles sheaves block
slings snatch block spreader bar

Testing Equipment

balancing equipment borescope
computers dye penetrant test equipment hardness test equipment
hydraulic gauge laser alignment equipment multimeter
pressure/vacuum gauge printers radio transmitter
scales tachometer theodolite
thermographic test equipment ultrasonic test equipment vibration analysis equipment
viscosity test equipment

Welding and Cutting Equipment

arc welding equipment metal inert gas welding (MIG) equipment oxy-acetylene welding equipment
plasma arc cutting equipment rod ovens tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) equipment
welding machines

Shop Tools and Equipment

arbor press band saw bearing heater
brake press chop saw drill press
hydraulic press iron worker lathe
milling machine parts washer sand blaster
shears stationary grinder surface grinder

Portable Power Tools

angle drill angle grinder chainsaw
chop saw circular saw die grinder
hammer drill heat gun hydraulic ram
hydraulic nuts hydraulic wrenches impact drill
impact gun (rivet) impact wrench jack hammer
jig saw portable bender portable drill
powder-actuated tool power band saw power threader
routers reciprocating saw tube rollers

Measuring and Layout Tools

bore gauge chalk lines combination square set
deflection gauge depth gauge
dial indicator dividers engineers’ square
feeler gauge gauge block gear pitch gauge
height gauge indicator gauge inside calipers
laser alignment equipment micrometers optical levels
outside calipers plastic gauge plumb bob
protractor radius gauge rulers
sheave gauge sine bar small hole gauge
solid square straightedge string line
surface gauge tape measures taper gauge
telescopic gauge tension gauge thread gauge
transit V-block vernier calipers

Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment

apron breathing protection (paper filter masks to self-contained breathing apparatus) coveralls – all types (acid/chemical/fire resistant, etc.)
eye wash station face shields first aid kit
gloves goggles hearing protection
hard hat life jackets safety footwear
safety glasses safety harness & fall arresting devices safety vests
welding blinds
Provided by the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program National Occupational Analysis (NOA)