British Columbia - Vancouver & Lower Mainland Southwest
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  • This is a FREE site. No fees or other service charges apply in Canada or Internationally.
  • This site is NOT associated with any Immigrant Services Training or Upgrading.
  • This site is NOT intended for commercial purposes.
  • I understand that I must NOT pay anyone to use this site.

I Agree

Branding Guidelines

The brand is NOT trademark free. Permission must be granted to use the logo or brand and is subject to the usage guidelines.

If you wish to use the logo on any commercial product then your usage of the logo must be approved. In general permission will be given providing that your usage of the logo is not done in such a way as to imply any form of approval of the product, website, event or other idea.

Contact Us to request permission.

The Logo

The logo consists of the logotype and the mark. The mark represents what is all about - the skilled trades. The mark is made up of four wrenches rotated and linked together to represent the skilled trades community. This logo has been developed to promote high visibility of the mark balanced with clear legibility of the name.

  • The relationship (size, positioning, etc.) of the logo elements should never be altered in any way.
  • Whenever possible, the logo should appear in its full color horizontal version. When the color version cannot be used, a black and white version is available.
  • The logo should use only the official logo colors listed
  • Any scaling must retain the original proportions of the logo
  • Additional text may not be added in such a way that it appears to be part of the logo itself
  • A minimum amount of white space around the logo is required. For the minimum amount of white space required, use the width of the “o” in TradesInfo as the unit by which to measure white space on all sides of the logo.


There is a natural inconsistency in colour across different media and printing processes. When working in media that does not use PANTONE color, use the values in the chart to match the PANTONE color. These listed color values should help to provide the best color consistency and accuracy.

Colour Palette
Sample Pantone CMYK RGB Web (HEX)
539 C C: 100
M: 77
Y: 46
K: 51
R: 0
G: 41
B: 66
484 C C: 26
M: 92
Y: 99
K: 22
R: 156
G: 48
B: 34


If used, the tagline must be not be altered in any way. Change in case, spelling, typeface, adding or removing words or quotations is not permitted. The tagline is an optional component of the logo and brand and can be omitted if it is too small to be legible or for simplicity.

Adding a link on your website

We welcome any link to the site. Please use the appropriate domain name for the intended language. You may link to the main site or to specific pages within the site (such as a trade overview page), but be aware that URLs can change over time without notification. Also the "www" portion should be included.